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This is a story which I have written recently. I finished putting the Persian version in my other blog. It took four installments there, I will see how long it takes here. Tell me what you think.

Bahram was the god of war!

For thousands of years he had ruled over the Aryan armies that crossed the desserts and fields. He had helped them in their conquests, lead their attacks, and had talked with Yim (that lord of the dead), to bring some of their commanders back to life.

He was a good god: not bloodthirsty like his Greek colleague Ares, not a “wimp� like the Scandinavian Tyr. He knew war is necessary for his people’s quest to find a homeland, and he helped them wholeheartedly.

Then, after Aryans had settled down, there came this guy called Zoroaster who deposed all gods from their positions and said that Hormozd was the only god!

Hmmmphd, laughed Bahram with himself! Hormozd as the “only� god, what joke! He was the weakest kid in school, never did sports, always read his books, and everyone always picked on him; now he as the only god!!!

But there was not much Bahram could do. When the king of the Aryans, Darius himself, instead of asking for Bahram’s support, called on Hormozd for his next campaign, Bahram realised that his time was up.

He held on for a few more centuries, hoping someone might come up and rescue things. When the same thing happened to his Roman friend, Mars, Bahram became worried. Then came Julian, a Roman emperor, who brought Mars back to power, and Bahram became hopeful again. Unfortunately, that was only a temporary fling, and then Mars was sent into retirement as well.

At last, there came a man from Arabia called Mohammad, and he not only confirmed the deposition of gods, but also deposed Hormozd himself! Bahram was happy in a sense and was giggling by himself behind Hormozd’s back. But he then realised that all hope is gone, and he better do something with himself, since as everyone knows, gods are immortal, and they get bored too, and when their people don’t give them alms, they also get hungry, and so they need money! ...