AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 5:22:00 PM ----- BODY: I wonder if anyone out there is familiar with a concept I have dubbed "intellectualication?!!" I know, your answer is probably no. Don’t try the word in your spell checker; it is in none of the standard word processor spelling dictionaries. I suppose it is a rather exclusive, very Iranian concept, although most Iranians are not even aware of it themselves!

No other nationality I have ever had the pleasure of talking to, and believe me, there has been quite a lot of them, had displayed such tendency; oh, maybe the Greeks, but that is a separate story.

Iranians are capable of sitting down with a total stranger and start to talk about quite complicated stuff, and debate it using their own exclusive sources (I will "find" it and show it to you sort). The scene gets quite funny, without the Iranian party noticing, when the aforementioned total stranger happens to be non-Iranian, and thus inexperienced (i.e. clueless) as of the circumstances.

Philosophy, logic, social psychology, politics, law, and commerce are all common subjects. More out-of-this-world and politically incorrect subjects such as the existence of aliens and homosexual marriages are not barred. Generally, political correctness is not a concern in these settings.

What is amazing in my opinion is the sources that people use. Known wise men and pundits, especially old school poets and philosophers, preferably the 400-years-or-more-old kind, are everyone’s reference, their words spiced up with some well known piece of poetry. The 40’s and 50’s activists prefer to use Marx or similar hairy wise men to back up their points. The revolutionaries of the 70’s go for more home made ones like Al Ahmad or Dr. Shariati. The younger generation uses a mixture of Rumi, Marx, Al Ahmad, spiced up with Metallica lyrics.

All in all, your average Iranian is easily capable of intellectualication for you about anything, and all of them manage to solve the problem in hand before dinner. Yes, we are special indeed!