AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 3:17:00 AM ----- BODY: I don't like extremists. I don't take the people who want to find a quick solution to everything very seriously. It takes a long time to build, and it is a pitty that destruction goes a lot faster. So, maybe we should re-learn all that we have learnt. Maybe we should think many times before we think of destroying.

-------- AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 12:04:00 AM ----- BODY: They tell me you are hardworking. You are curious, and you try hard to learn about everything.

I say, no, I am not the hardworking one. With so much to learn around us, the real hardworking ones are the ones who manage not to be curious and to learn nothing and to lead their lives knowing just what is essential. I admire those people, really!