AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 6:33:00 AM ----- BODY: This weblog was suppose to be a little personal as well. I guess I have been taking the "Brain" part of the braindroppings a little too seriously!!!

I think I should tell you that I now work in the office of an immigration lawyer in Berkeley, California. It is an interesting job, and I in a way have a hands-on experience on how the "land of immigrants" treats the new immigrants. By the way, don't you think it would be both a nice pun and a rather awful fantasy if the land of immigrants becomes the land of emigrants?

I am also going to go to Germany pretty soon to see my girlfriend. That is certainly something to get excited about, no pun intended!!!!

By the way, have you heard that one particular leader in this world has been calling himself the protector of civilisation and thinks he has a mission to protect the "civilisation" against those who hate it? Ironic, isn't it? Seems like some people don't know the meaning of civilisation.

Enough nonsense today, I should get to updating this page more often (everybody say yeah!)