AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 5:58:00 AM ----- BODY: Star Wars, Darth Vader, and Global Politics

In many Holywood films, there is a strange relationship between the negative and positive characters. The "badman" is an absolute evil with all the possible negative points, while the good hero is as impeccable as he or she can be. Their values are quite black and white, as black as Darth Vader's armour and as white as Luke Skywalker's cotton clothes. However, by the time we learn to hate the badman with a passion, they turn out to be the father of the good guy. Who can forget James Earl Jonse's voice: "Luke, I am your father!". It seems to be universal, and doesn't just end with the freudian father-son relationship; Dr. Evil is Austin Powers' brother!

These strange, over the top, and unbelievable relationships can be expanded to the real world of global politics. We live in the age of absolute evil villains like Usama and Saddam, laughable and grotesque dictators like Kim Jung Il, and charismatic, charming and rich good guys: George Bush, Tony Blair, and almost made for TV Silvio Berlusconi. One wonders, are we going to find out that the villains and the good guys are related?

-------- AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 1:29:00 AM ----- BODY: I am completely stunned by how many conservative weblogs we have in English. It is in a sense quite overwhelming, since the TV news is basically all conservative (although some are attempting to create the buzzword: "Liberal Media"! Nice story, tell it to Fox News!). I am not sure why so many conservatives feel obliged to make weblogs that say the same thing that Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, American Enterprise Institute, Project for New American Century, and Donald Romsfeld say! Apparently some have the idea that repetition would make people believe that what they say is the truth!

Anyway, what is even more interesting is that some Iranians, especially those inside Iran with a good knowledge of English, write things in their weblogs that fuel the propaganda of these English conservative blogs even further. I know many of these Iranian bloggers, and believe you me, they are not conservatives, and they certainly don't want US forces to liberate them. They want freedom, they want to live without being told that such and such actions endanger the national security, they want to live in a fair and just society, they call themselves secular liberals. So, isn't it ironic that the Conservative US sources, backed by conservative evangelical institutions, are now supporting these liberal Iranians? The people who created the concepts of National Security, unpatriotic conduct, Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Securoty, etc., now want to support the people who are trying to escape the National Secutiry, un-Islamic conduct, revoluvtionary acts, Department of Information?!!!!