AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 8:02:00 AM ----- BODY: Hoder has an interesting link to Pedram's Eyeranian weblog. Apparently one of Pedram's previous posts about Micheal Ledeen, was located by Mr. Ledeen himself, and he was concerned enought to write some comments about what Pedram had written.

It is very fascinating to read Ledeen's reply. Talk about missing the point, and talk about Trotskyist turned Neo-Con. Even further than that, talk about the lingering colonialist/world power mentality. Ledeen said it himself that he thinks he is not wrong, and who am I to say he is. Still, I am sure he is right because he is seeing the world through his own glasses, and as we say in Persian (yes, it is Persian, not Farsi), Whoever goes to the court alone, will come back fully satisfied!

Mr. Ledeen and his similar minded bodies should change their glasses and see the world in a COMPLETELY different light. What they should notice the most is that they are the people who have been educated in a very black and white system, one that assumes its formation is the standard, and judges all others by this standard. The foundation of your social science study needs an overhawl, and until then, you are just going to miss the point, and we will always have this argument. For now, what we want is for you to stop sticking your nose in our business, as we have done about your country, and I am sorry if you are one of those people who thinks US has the right, or the absurd "duty", to stick its nose in other people's business. However well wishing you might be, you are hurting us much more than you are helping us, so as they say in chatrooms: "thanks, but no thanks!"