AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 8:11:00 PM ----- BODY: So What do We do now that the superman cannot fly?

It is funny about the views of the world each one of us has. For us, the "third worlders" if you wish, Europe is advanced, and America is the penacle of advancement. Everything in the US goes right, Americans are superhumans, capable of doing anything and everything. Whatever goes wrong in our countries, we blame the government, and say that America would never let that to happen to its people! All that America does is correct, and what we do has something missing, we have to learn. Whatever the socio-psychological consequences of these assumptions are, one can only guess.

When I was a kid, we lived under the constant threat of war, against that Saddam Hossein, the US favourite to police our part of the world back then. We were under economic embargo too, and unlike the one imposed on Iraq, no grassroots US student group took up our case and argued against the embargoes. China was our only supplier of goods we could not make ourselves. It seemed we were against the whole world, and the whole world was against us (funny business, both US and the Soviets supported Iraq!). We were short of many things, including energy. We had daily scheduled power outages, and we got used to it. When 10 years after the end of the war, we finally got over those outtages, thanks to a few years of proper rain, we were very happy. I used to read the Daneshmand (Scientist) magazine, and I read about Nuclear energy plants. I thought it is a great idea, I wished someone would adopt it for Iran. I thought, if it was America, the government would have thought of it, and would have rescued us from the trouble.

Flash forward: Iran has decided to adopt the nuclear energy system, but it is being accused of producting nuclear bombs (yes, those Middle Easterns know nothing about human life, they just want war). Iran is being told that they need no nuclear power when they have so much oil (talk about enviromental imperialism: US has a lot of oil too, plus nuclear energy plants, plus nuclear bombs, plus it has used the latter!).

Flash forward to present black-outs: apparently we Third Worlders were wrong AGAIN: Americans don't do everything right, privatisation of vital services like running water and electricity does not work! Should we look somewhere else to find perfect people? Should we look at ourselves to find the perfect models for our own way of life?

P.S.: Ignore all of these, it was written in an explosion of thought and ideas. -------- AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 9:28:00 PM ----- BODY: Czeched it Out!

I am just back from a little trip to Dresden and Prague. It was fun. Dresden is beautiful, and seeing that it has been rebuilt after the unmerciful bombing by the allies in the WWII is refreshing. Stunning architecture and very glamorous: Florence of Elbe is an understatement, Florence is Dresden of Tuscany! August the Strong has been the king of a happy place.

Prague was fun too, the Castle is amazing, with its total domination of the city and varied architectural styles. The Golden Lane, where originally the soldiers lived, and later Bohemian "Bohemian" artists found a refuge. Franz Kafka lived there too, and it was him that was the most important attraction for me. We went to a restaurant in his birth house (I know, total tourist trap!), and a stupid exhibit. But it was great to be in his city, although it is much brighter than his Prague, expecially the one described in the Trial.

All in all, it was fun. I don't mind going there again!:)