AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 9:07:00 AM ----- BODY: It is really quite encouraging to see than apparently nobody reads these stuff that I write. I feel very refreshed when I see no one cares! What? Sarcastic? Me? Surely you jest!

Well, I admit, there is not much to read; yes, I realise; no, I am not appologetic. Why? Because I am cheeky?! Not good enough for you? Well, because I am too busy to bother with writing in this weblog? Snobbish? Maybe, but watcha gonna do about it, eh?

No, really, seriouly, I have not been writing since I have been damn busy! Ravenna was quite a trip, and the conference was crazy, and I went to presentations and met people and socialised and stuff. It was a great trip, I really enjoyed it, and I wish I could be in conferences everyday.

I went to Germany for the last three days and visited my girlfriend, which was both great and sad, since I had to leave. Then I went to Amsterdam to take a flight back to the US, but our plane was faulty and the flight was cancelled and we stayed in Amsterdam for one night, and I took a flight today, and I got to Berkeley just a few hours ago and I am tired as hell, and I write all these stuff that you don't care about anyway, and I am going crazy, and goodnight!