AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 9:22:00 PM ----- BODY: A letter to Micheal Moore

Dear Mr. Moore:

I am a fan of yours. Who is not, honestly? How can I not be in this country were truth can only be expressed tongue-in-cheek, or in the form of comedy? As Arundhati Roy says, we have been reduced to people with no opinions. No one bothers to take a side anymore, and to defend it not zealously, but passionately.

So, I read your writing about Saddam Hossein's arrest in your website. Thanks for mentioning people of my country. Thanks for being the one American who remembers that my brothers, cousins, schoolmates, friends, mates in the neighborhood, and even the son of that farmer in the village 1000 km from where I lived, all died because Saddam Hussein attacked Iran with the assurance and good will of the "compassionate" politicians such as Mr. Rumsfeld, the prime advocate of "democracy" in this very cynical world of ours.

Thanks for remembering that the very same weapons that gave the pretext for the attack on Iraqi men and women and children, were provided to Saddam by the American government. Thanks for mentioning that an American congressional report even released a list of these weapons. We, the lay people, can recognize the extreme irony in attacking someone for possessing what you gave him yourself, but do the politicians think we are born idiots?

I also ask you to consider the irony of US propaganda against Iran today based on speculations of planning to develop nuclear weapons. Isn't it absurd that the only country who has USED nuclear weapons since their creation, not once, but twice, and is even now publicly admits to planning for the development of "smart" nuclear bombs, wants other countries to stop even making nuclear power plants? What makes the US the safe country in the world, given its record of involvement in wars during the past 227 years of its existence, but makes Iran, who has not ATTACKED any other country since 1811 (and even then to take part of its territory, conquered by the British, back), an unsafe country? This is like having a gun slinger telling others that guns are dangerous and they should not touch them, instead using swords for defense!

Thanks for being so understanding. Please keep on talking!