AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 3:36:00 AM ----- BODY: Told You So!

I am just writing this to be able to say "I told you so" later!

Remember the story of that Chinese-American Muslim captain in Guantanamo Bay that was all the rage and news in the CNN and other mainstream media sources in the US a few months back? (Newsweek and Time even (dis)honoured him with leading stories; another from Time. !). Well, this is an interesting update from the Time magazine, not on the cover though, not even in the main story section, but in the "NOTEBOOK: Milestones" section (where they usually mention the news of the death of old, forgotten actors and actresses!).

From Time, March 29, 2004:"Released, Captain James Yee, 35, Chinese-American Muslim chaplain accused of mishandeling classfied documents at Guanatanamo Bay. Citing national security concerns that would arise from the disclosure of evidence if the case proceeded, the Army dropped all charges against him, and will allow him to return to his previous duty at Fort Lewis near Tacoma, Wash.". (stresses are from original)

The middle part, obviously there for saving face (should have considered "national security" before publically trashing the guy), is in contrast with the last part about the return to duty. Funny that CNN did not bother reporting his release and dropping the charges.

P.S: An article from January 2004, about Army's "mishandeling of the evidence" and one about his supporters.

P.S.2: Another website that is following the case. Also, it is good to read The New Stateman's article about Islamophobia) --------