AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 8:00:00 PM ----- BODY: Wow, I am in Tehran!

Well, the title is rather self explaining, innit? I am in Tehran, and I have been quite busy since I arrived here. Met a lot of friends, went to some talks by fellow Iranists, and went to visit Taleghan, a nice area around two hours west of Tehran, in the middle of Alburz mountains. It has a very cool and nice weather.

Tomorrow, I am off to Ahwaz and Shush (ancient Susa) to visit some archaeological sites and historical monuments. I am sure it is going to be quite an experience. I have taken a lot of pictures and I am going to take more, but unfortunately, since the connexions here are quite slow, I am not sure if I can manage to make a proper photoblog before going back to Europe or the US.

Meanwhile, I will try to be more consistent and update this weblog more often. I will write about my experiences in the land of ancient Elamites.

Meanwhile, have a look at my pictures in the Yahoo Photos.