AUTHOR: Khodadad DATE: 10:54:00 PM ----- BODY: Here I go again
Well, here I am.  I am not sure why I have not been writing for all this time, but maybe because I felt there is not much to be said here for my English speaking (or reading!) audience.  Much of what is happening needs to be said in persian. I am going to plays, hanging out with friends, travelling, and doing some work related to Iranian Studies. 
I went to Khuzestan and visited Ahwaz, Izeh, Shush, and Shushtar. Izeh is the ancient Ayapir, a highland town of the Elamite Kingdom with quite many reliefs from the Neo-Elamite period.  If you want to see some pictures of the town and the reliefs, please have a look at my article in Cappuccino.  Shush is obviously the ancient Susa, the magnificent capital of the Elamites and the Achaemenids.  I am planning to upload these pictures when I get back to the US and have the highspeed internet again!
Since then, I have been going out most of the time and have been busy writing and translating as well.  I saw two plays, one entitled "Rabe'e" which is the tale of the first poetess in New Persian (ca. 10th century CE). It was a horrible play and my friends and I could not stomach more than 30 minutes of it, and one of us is a known feminist!!!  The other one I saw tonight is called "The Specialist" and is written by Dusan Kovachevich, the same author who wrote the screenplay for Emir Kusturica's fabulous "Underground".  It was a magnificent piece of art and was very well acted and directed. 
I will try to write more regularly from now on and update the news about my travels.  Here are some pictures of my recent travels.